Our Solutions

The oil and gas sector is wide-ranging and includes equipment, services, and technology used in the extraction of conventional and unconventional oil, natural gas and coal bed methane, and coal. Our core areas of expertise include:

Products and Services

Upstream-related oil and gas equipment and services include seismic and geological services, drilling and completions, and advanced production techniques. We focus on such areas as: multilateral drilling technologies, non-invasive drilling fluids, swell packer stimulation technologies, coiled tubing expertise and benefits, innovative pumping technologies, non-traditional well configurations, and geosteering of horizontal wells in real time. We also specialize in rotating equipment, start up and commissioning.

Oil and Gas Equipment (Predominant/Proactive Sector)

The oil and gas industry is constantly growing along with its need for technology and services. We are committed to improving extraction technologies for conventional oil production; i.e. advanced seismic and horizontal drilling.

Research and Development

Equally important is continued research and development efforts pertaining to unconventional gas development. Specifically, industry leaders feel that R&D efforts are required regarding deep coal, coal fines mitigation, sheared coal reserves, co-mingling coals with variable reservoir properties, reservoir characterization from drill cuttings, fracture design and fluid selection, fracture and produced fluid recovery, drilling and fracture stimulation of under-pressured and water sensitive reservoirs, stratified reservoirs, frac sand supply and use, and use of non-potable water for drilling and fracturing operations.